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Jo Lucksted Ceramics

Somerset, United Kingdom


As a ceramic artist I have always enjoyed the sculptural potential of clay over its functional application. My passion for ceramics was re-ignited when I returned to Art college as a mature student after studying three dimensional Art as a youngster. Since then I have continued to reflect varying influences and inspirations in my work, and have set up a ceramics studio/shop space in Shepton Mallet.


My work goes from small buttons and beads up to larger scale figurative pieces.


Studio open daily by appointment:

9 AM - 5 PM

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Me, at work :-)




Somerset is a rich source of inspiration for me. Growing up in Doulting where woodland, a Holy well (the source of the River Sheppey) and the 12th century churchyard of St Aldhelm's were my playground encouraged an early appreciation of and interest in my immediate environment. Today, the dogs are walked in the meadows around Shepton, the River Sheppey running through them offers little treasures, broken pieces of crockery with glazed patterns, animal bones and teeth, oyster shells, children's marbles.  All are pocketed and added to a growing collection of natural and man made curiosities!


Producing primarily hand-built sculptures and narrative bowls, my more recent has shown a departure from the earlier pale porcelain figurative pieces in to sculptural forms which exploit detailed surface decoration and colour exploration through the use of mark making tools and under glaze colours. My Work goes from small buttons and beads, up to larger scale figurative pieces.


Mythology, religion, natural treasures and the Dutch Golden age remain constant sources of inspiration.


My ideal is to create pieces with a story to tell.

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